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What is WordPress Website Full Information

What is WordPress

What is a wordpress website? Today in this post you will know what is wordpress and what are the functions of wordpress and what can be made from wordpress. So if you want to know what is WordPress and you want to know complete information about WordPress, then you must read this post completely?

Many people say that WordPress is a platform that is used to create a blog, but this may not be completely true. WordPress started as a blogging tool in the year 2003 but today it has completely changed.

Today this is not just a blogging platform, but today it has become the world’s most popular CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS)?  ( WordPress course in Rohini )Today, more than 70 million blog websites on the Internet have been created on the WordPress platform itself.

What is wordpress?

WordPress is a type of CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ie CMS. Which is used to create blogs and websites. WordPress is an open secure software program and it is made from PHP and MySQL.

WordPress can be downloaded for free from the Internet and by installing it on your web server, you can easily create a blog or website.

If you want to change the look of your website in WordPress, then you can change the look of your entire website by installing a theme in a minute and if you want to add some extra things to your website, then you can add anything with the help of a plugin in WordPress. So that you can improve the performance of your website

wordpress is the most popular cms in the world? Website development cost in India

According to the website of w3 techs, out of all the websites in the whole world, 35% are built on WordPress.

To create a blog or website, like wordpress, there are many platforms on the internet like – JOOMLA, DRUPAL, MAGENTO

But most of the platform used in blog or website is wordpress. WordPress is much better for creating a blog and website, if you also want to create a new blog or website, then you should create your blog on WordPress itself, this platform is much better.

What can be made from the wordpress platform?

Let us now tell you what you can make with the wordpress platform.

Some of the things that can be made from wordpress are given below, you can see below?

  • Blog
  • school /college website
  • review website

And many websites related to this can be made only.

History of wordpress-What is WordPress

In 2001, a french programmer named Michel Baldrige created a blogging tool named b2/catalog but in 2002 Baldrige stopped its development

Then in 2003: Two people named Matt Mullenweg created wordpress with this idea and what was the launch of its first version?

Now in the year 2004: a plugin system was added to wordpress for the first time

After this, for the first time in 2005, the theme system was added to it, and many other tools were added to the image video.

Later, in the same way, there are constant changes in wordpress and even today new updates of wordpress keep coming.


What are the advantages of wordpress? benefits of wordpress

There are many benefits of wordpress such as:

  • WordPress can be installed for free and it is an open-source
  • Thousands of themes are available on wordpress
  • It can be easily installed on the hosting server.
  • wordpress SEO is friendly in this you can do so well
  • It gives the facility to create an e-commerce website
  • The website can be created on WordPress without coding knowledge
  • The website can be upgraded through the plugin in wordpress
  • wordpress site is mobile friendly

Disadvantages of WordPress? 

the disadvantages of wordpress is not that big

To make a website on WordPress, you have to buy hosting and domain and you have to pay some money every month.

Using more plugins on WordPress slows down the speed of your website.

Features of WordPress? features of wordpress website

So let’s now talk about the features of wordpress

The first plugin If you want to increase the proformas of your website and you have to add something extra to your website then you need a plugin for that and there are thousands of plugins in wordpress which you can use for free.

You get many free themes on theme wordpress. On WordPress, you are given 3 themes in the beginning, but if you do not like any of them, then you can use a good theme as per your wish. In WordPress, the theme gets installed in a few seconds.

WordPress is much better for SEO if you want to bring more traffic to your website. And you have to rank your website in google as soon as possible then wordpress will be of great help to you. Because in wordpress you get a plugin YOAST SEO plugin which helps With this. You can easily SEO your blog post and rank your post on google, this increases the traffic on your website.

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MULTI-LANGUAGE: If you have any problem with any language, then you can choose the language of your choice as to if you want to blog in Hindi, then you can blog in Hindi very easily, in wordpress you will get more than 70 languages. is found

MEDIA MANAGEMENT: Whenever you use an image in your blog post, that image gets saved in your wordpress, if you want, I can put that image again at any time from wordpress itself, you need to go to your laptop system. not needed user MANAGEMENT: In WordPress, it is not necessary that you do blogging alone if you want, you can work in wordpress even by forming a team of many people.

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