Home Education What is autocad, history, why learn autocad, how to do autocad course

What is autocad, history, why learn autocad, how to do autocad course

What is autocad, history, why learn autocad, how to do autocad course

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a 2D also 3D Computer Added Design plus Drafting Software. This software is used for the preparation of blueprints and other engineering plans for architecture, building construction, production, etc.

Designers who use AutoCAD are also called “drafters”. Simply put, AutoCAD is a design course. In which it is taught about designing a vehicle, big building, and power plant, etc.

And after successfully doing this course, you can prepare a good design without doing an engineering course. At present, AutoCAD software is being used by large companies, professional individuals like project managers, engineers, and graphic designers.


History of AutoCAD

AutoCAD was launched in the cycle 1982 as a desktop app. And it has been produced by an organization called Autodesk. But in the year 2010, a mobile app has also been launched by the AutoCAD company. While taking information about the history of AutoCAD, it is important to know that before the launch of AutoCAD, most of the commercial CAD programs worked on mainframe computers and minicomputers. In which each CAD operator worked on a different graphic terminal.

Also, it is important for us to know here that even before the launch of AutoCAD, people used to design and design before building buildings, vehicles, etc. But before AutoCAD, this design could be done in our mind or by any document writing. But the invention of AutoCAD brought a revolution in the world of designing, which succeeded in improving the design of an object or creating an artwork of an object and presenting that design to the people.

Why learn Autocad

Because it is very important for Autocad Course for Civil Engineering student in initially day you can learn it and then. you can jump to another software.


What are the benefits of learning AutoCAD?

Your ability to make drawings and diagrams on a computer can provide a better job or business qualification in other fields like electrical, mechanical, architect, civil draft, etc.

We can simply save the reports created in AutoCAD on any computer. Aside from this, the benefit of using AutoCAD is that we can share the pictures or pictures created by us with any person. And the created design can easily be shared on storage online like google drive, dropbox, etc. Drawing in AutoCAD is much more useful than creating traditional designs. In which we can also use old designs in new designs. This saves both time and effort. AutoCAD software helps in creating a better design through many features like copying, rotating, stretching, scale, etc.

 AutoCAD also displays the dimensions created in the design. And also shows those points with accuracy. Which we usually show in a handwriting design is not possible.

 To re-edit or make corrections to manually drawn figures, the draftsman needs to create a new photo again. But with the help of In-Built tools present in AutoCAD, we can change any design and convert it into a new design.

How to do AutoCAD d course

You can do an AutoCAD course from the architect institute’s well-known and best Autocad Training in Delhi and you can learn from beginner to advance level of AutoCAD.

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