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17 Logo Design Trends of 2021


What are Logo Design Trends?

Logo design trends are the regular changes in logo design, usually with a focus on new ideas or approaches that are widely adopted by designers. Sometimes they can be drastically different from what is considered conventional or standard for that time, with other times being very subtle differences on existing standards. Logos often use typography, symbols, shapes, color, and less often textures, animations, and sounds to help convey their meanings to viewers.

When done well logos become an integral part of our society as we see them every day through advertisements posters Flyers Street signs vehicles clothing websites apps social media. A good logo will catch people’s eyes consistently where it will serve its purpose of gaining brand recognition. There are many factors that go into a good logo such as the designer’s sense of aesthetics, practicality, and target market’s consideration.

Logo design changes over time to match industry needs. If the world is shifting towards digital communication then it makes sense that more designers will prioritize digital interfaces in their logos (logo designs for apps for example). Additionally, if our technology allows us to interact with physical objects more often (think smart appliances), you may see more companies switching to emojis or symbols in their logos. Each new trend brings along with it its own set of opportunities and challenges. Designers must consider these trends when designing logos while still meeting client expectations and business objectives. One way to keep up with the latest trends is to check out logo design contests on Design hill for inspiration and support.

The following is a brief description of some of the major logo design trends that may be relevant in 2021.

The use of color will be more vibrant:

We’re living in a world that is constantly changing and evolving. The same can be said for the way businesses market themselves to customers across the globe. Not only do companies need to attract new clients, but they also have to keep existing clients satisfied with their brand image and business principles. Logo design differs from one business to another depending on what industry it falls under and how it will align itself within its given category. Some of the most popular logo design trends we’ve seen over the years include:

Old Retro Logo Designs:

Retro logos were often sought-after since they provided a vintage vibe many consumers enjoyed seeing when they visit a company’s website or social profiles. Most people enjoy thinking back on what life was like for them in previous generations, which is why this design style is so common.

Optimistic and Bright Colors:

Another major trend we’ve seen in logo designs is that companies will often choose vibrant colors to match their brand’s personality and the general message they want to convey through it. Bright shades reflect upon a company’s desire to bring about change within an industry, which is why this trend has been on the rise ever since the mid-2000s.

Gritty and Edgy Designs:

The edgier a business wants its logo to be, the more creative freedom it has when choosing color combinations or other visual elements. This often results in businesses trying out new things with their branding while providing a fresh take on what modern logos should resemble at a given point in time.

Innovative and Unusual Designs:

Some companies opt for designs that follow no design guidelines or any known trend. In most situations, these kinds of logos end up being the ones people remember the most since they provide a significant change from what’s currently offered on today’s market.

Having a visible logo is important to any business regardless of its size and location. One of the great things about graphic or web design is that it changes on a regular basis in order to meet audiences’ needs better while keeping them excited about new visual elements they’ve never seen before. With this said, here are some trends we expect to see in 2021:

Modernized Retro Designs:

While retro designs have been popular for a while now, we feel there will come a time when they may eventually go out of style. To keep companies from changing their color schemes entirely, many will simply change the font and other elements to give off a more modern feel.

Sharp Edges and Interesting Shapes:

Since logos are no longer limited to just text thanks to the emergence of emoji, we’ve seen businesses try out newer designs that feature shapes instead of letters or words. We believe this trend will continue since it allows companies to be much more creative with what they want their logo to look like without losing its original meaning.

Cinematic Designs:

Thanks to computers being able to render high-quality graphics at any given moment, some businesses have been trying out cinematic logos that resemble scenes straight out an action film. This trend isn’t the most popular, but it’s nice to see companies want to experiment with different styles in order to attract larger audiences.

Future Tech Designs:

While some may not think of this as a logo design trend. More and more businesses are starting to implement futuristic elements into their branding. Whether it’s through fonts or carefully placed shapes that resemble computer glitches. Many companies want their clients to imagine what they’re capable of achieving in the future. When they come across their logo online or elsewhere.

Extremely Minimalist Logos:

Out of all the trends mentioned in this article, minimalism is one of the most common among modern businesses. Since they can put more focus on their company name or slogan. Rather than having too much going on in their logo design. We expect to see more businesses choosing this route. Since it reflects well upon their desire to stay competitive in the industry.

Mismatched Fonts and Colors:

Last but not least, we have mismatched font colors that are used in order to catch people’s attention. When they’re scrolling through social media feeds or websites. This trend is also effective since it allows companies to place an emphasis. On the logotype itself without worrying too much about it. What other elements are trying to compete with it for screen time?

Logo with Typography:

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable and appealing when displayed. It is considered an important aspect of printed material. Today people spend lots of time during their daily lives communicating through emails and texts. Via mobile devices rather than face-to-face communication. With so much time being spent looking at screens it’s no wonder designers are creating logos with clean simple typography. Not only does this help catch the viewer’s eye but it also creates lasting impressions.

We can see how typography is being used in logos more frequently by looking at the Industry trends. Custom Logo Design section of Design hill. The company offers Custom Logo Design Services and ranks high for Custom Logo Design Trends.

Custom Letter marks:

The custom letter marks are combinations of letters that represent companies, brands, and organizations. Custom logo design trends have shown us that letter mark logos (or wordmarks). Will stand out among other traditional symbols and shapes because of it. Contains a little bit of everything – color, shapes, and typography!! This works well with current industry trends as we move towards digital communication and on-screen reading. Letter mark logos readily include web links for added convenience to viewers as they share their brand online. By clicking on the Custom Letter mark logo of Custom Logo Design Club, viewers are directed to the website where they can browse through Custom Logo Designs and order their own!

Typography with Illustrations:

Custom illustrations are popular in logo design trends because it captures the viewer’s attention immediately. The subtle color blends in with typography can be appealing to the eye. Today, brands are extending their brand recognition by using custom illustrations when promoting themselves on social media. It is important to note that not all companies can pull this off. Due to limited resources, reputation, or target market. Only large reputable organizations will have the right tools for promotion. Which could include search engine optimization teams and top-notch digital designers. Additionally, logos with nature or nature-oriented illustrations are also growing in popularity as brand awareness. Becomes more important to consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Emoticons/ Emoji s:

Custom emoticons or emoji s are the latest trends, especially for businesses looking to target younger audiences. Custom Logo Design Trends have shown us. That companies are looking for ways to appeal to a new generation of technology users. Businesses today are trying to tap into social media to build their brands and online presence. Custom emoticons allow customers to share your logo across all major social media platforms. Which can lead to an increase in brand awareness.

Custom Letter marks with Illustrations:

Custom letter marks combined with custom illustrations are another emerging trend in logo design trends. The typography exceeds three colors while still appealing to the eye. Again, only certain companies will be able to pull off. This looks because it requires a good reputation and a solid digital marketing team.

Custom Illustrations with Typography:

Custom illustration s combined with typography is another emerging trend in logo design trends. The subtle color blends in with typography can be appealing to the eye. It is important that both custom illustrations and wordmarks work well together in order to create an effective logo design.

As we can see in our latest infographic below. Custom Letter marks are up by almost 200% over the last year! While Logo Designs with Nature has taken a small dip in popularity since 2016. Logos with Typography have increased by almost 6%. Additionally, it’s interesting to note that Logos with Color have a small but steady increase in popularity from 2006-2016.

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