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How to Clean Leather Sofa

How to Clean Leather Sofa

Accurately judge the dermis material: Different livers should use the corresponding cleaning agent. For example, leathers such as nubuck leather and suede leather are not suitable for ordinary leather cleaners. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly judge what kind of leather products to purchase your own suitable leather cleaning agent. Agent.

Clean: The following methods, which are generally suitable for shiny leather sofas, are especially suitable for long-term lack of care or lack of care that has been cracked, and garlic or Meiji wang leather cleaners are not cleaned out. Rattan Dining Sets If you use Garlicka or Miji Wang leather cleaners to clean, you can clean straight away as they don’t harm the skin in the slightest.

Due to the tanning finish and possible presence of fatty acids during tanning, the chemical reacts with the cleaning agent. For example, phthalic is an anion when tanning, and detergent is a positive ion, which will react, destroying the internal structure of the dermis, or discoloration, so before use, it is necessary to use a detergent. The invisible part of the dermis. 

Test to see if the product is suitable. If there is any discoloration, stop using the cleaner. If the leather cleaner can brighten the leather or does not cause any adverse reactions, the product is suitable for cleaning. This is not usually the case with leather cleaners that use leatherette oils, garlic, or Meiji Wang leather cleaners.

The steps to clean the dermis are as follows:

a) wipe off the dust on the leather surface with a soft cloth;

b) let the leather first eat leather oil softening care agent, so that the leather gets the most effective care – restore leather beautiful: soft, moist, full, waterproof, mechanical strength (such as tensile strength), tear strength, grain cracking strength, etc.) greatly increased. In fact, it is also meant to eat and work the leather, which helps to improve its combat effectiveness and resistance. 

Please note that this is best for leather, and it will be more efficient when cleaning. For dry leather, this should be taken care of first. Otherwise, the leather will absorb a lot of leather cleaner, not only cleaning, but also twice as much leather cleaner, and if used with bad leather cleaner, it will also harden the dermis. But Garlic or Meiji Wang Leather Cleanser is a skin-simulating oil, so that won’t happen.

c) After the natural care agent has dried (such as the first night of application, the next day to start cleaning), stir the leather cleaning agent of the leather simulation oil; Spray cleaning agent on the surface of the leather; Large brush, such as a laundry brush, brush to clean the dirt, please do not force the bristles to bend, otherwise, the pores on the leather will not be brushed, and the dirt on the pores will be difficult to clean. For gaps, wipe it with a gap.

However, leather imitation leather cleaning agent has no chemical effect. For years of aged dirt, a hard brush is needed to thoroughly clean the meat. The hard brush will not harm the skin, please rest assured, as the skin simulates oil and has a lubricating effect.

Note: * The meat is clean and does not require any cleaning agent. Simply put the meat in water and wash off the meat.

d) Remove the dirt with a clean soft cloth.

e) For heavy dirt that is difficult to remove for more than two years, please use Mead King or Garlic Leather furniture Outdoor Daybeds Cleaner designed for heavy dirt and white leather. If the cleaning effect is not ideal, is usually the thickness of the pores is large, and the spurious oil penetration of the skin is poor. Please use a wet water brush to moisten the water and then brush.

After cleansing, the epithelium simulated oily skin is treat with garlic or Meijewang soft care agent. Leather is no longer dirty, dirty and very easy to clean. In addition, it is difficult to draw a variety of pen oil. Such as ballpoint pens, which can effectively prevent mildew, so it is especially suitable for high-grade leather products with children.

The above method is a generally suitable method. For non-dry dermis, they can be clean directly as they do no harm to the skin. But not suitable for nubuck and suede.

The whole skin and sanding skin is breathable and soft. It is easy to suck the oil and darken the oil. It’s a lot of trouble to clean. Pay special attention to cleaning products. This particular Cleansing Care Scrub Sandal is a must-have product of Suede. Follow the instructions carefully and do the test in a clear location. The cleaning method or product is not easy to wash off the skin or darken the leather.

Just buy a leather sofa, it is best to use oily skin garlic. Or Meiji Wangpi soft agent care, effective mold, to imitate dirty oil. And then use leather oil to clean the leather cleaner Use the.


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