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How do I crack 3 Years IAS foundation Course ?

IAS Coaching in Delhi
IAS Coaching in Delhi

There are few very obvious facts, which can make you clear the UPSC Exam in First Attempt. But the irony is – There are very less aspirants who incorporate these facts in their 3 Years IAS foundation Course .

  • Have faith in yourself but never be over confident.
  • Always keep in mind that, it’s you who is solely responsible for your examination.
  • If you are taking coaching for any institute – then also you should keep this in your mind that the coaching is not going to study or appear for the exam on your behalf.
  • Most of the aspirants totally relay on the coaching and never do their NCERT or build their basics on their own.
  • Even if the coaching is covering NCERT in the class, then also you should read the NCERT parallel to the coaching classes.
  • Your strong basics are going to invoke confidence in you.
  • Keep your study Material limited and choose your optional wisely like 3 Years IAS foundation Course .
  • Do not go for old name coaching, choose your coaching only on two criteria – First – You should be comfortable with their teachers and what they teach.
  • Second – It should cover 100% syllabus with a good strategy of tests and revision with a limited crowd in class, so that you can regularly interact with the teacher.
  • There is many coaching where they claim to complete 100% syllabus but fail to do so. You can try Eden IAS, as I had a good experience in GS IV – Ethics classes and could talk to some of their Foundation class students they said the classes are very good so later I joined the economy batch also and in economy also they covered every bit of the syllabus.
  • Try to read a few standard books apart from the regular coaching notes or coaching material but keep it limited.
  • Make your own schedule and start solving MCQ’s and start writing easy questions from the beginning itself. It boosts the confidence to attempt the paper.
  • Previous Year papers are also very important.
  • Try to cover the entire syllabus 4 months prior to the Prelims examination so that you do not face pressure just
  • Before the prelims examination and so at the time of mains examination.
  • Always remember only your teachers or you can give yourself a right path. Avoid taking unnecessary suggestions from other aspirants.
  • You have just got a few months to change your life
  • And you should show some respect to your hard work.
  • Multiple revision is a key to success.
  • Try to identify the most important areas of your preparation and give your best to them – like Essay, Ethics, Optional Subject  .

There is no shortcut to success – genuine toppers never say that they took short cut to success,

Now you can try some smart work in place of shortcuts.

Also, it is important to correlate the syllabus with current affairs. IAS Coaching in Delhi is looking for a person with good analytical skill not for someone who can just mug up the syllabus and paste on the answer sheets.

All what you answer in your copy should reflect your problem understanding and problem solving.

There is never going to be an end to the suggestion lists for UPSC Preparation but just one thing – Be yourself and keep, the serving attitude.

You are going to serve the nation and it takes a lot of dedication.

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